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Issues Facing Owners & Operators

Structure of Entities, Trusts and Contracts

Lines of Business
Lines of Activities

Cannabis Special Deconfliction Leases and Real Estate Acquisitions

Tax Restrictions and Efficiency Options (280E, COGS, etc.)

Market Penetration

Product Positioning

Licensure, Insurance

Marketing Options

Merchandising, Marketing, Brand and IP Licensing, Joint Ventures, Deal Making and Contracts

Design, Materials, Construction and Installation and Demolition re Tax Efficient Options

Buildouts - Tax Efficient Tenant Improvements vs. Owner Improvements vs. 1250 (structural) vs. 1245 (personal property) vs. QIP(TCJA) 2018-2022 vs 100% Bonus Depreciation and Refunds

Asset Protections; California's Secret Trust and Personal Bank Weapon

SmartRetirementTrust™ | CaliforniaSmartRetirementTrust™

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Legally Lock-Away Money and Property

Small Business Owners and High-Net Worth Individuals
Especially Industries with Federal and State Conflicts of Law

Lawful Legal Protections; Yes They Exist; No Hiding Necessary
California Law

* Legal Protections that protect legal business operations and or owners
*  Legal Protections that may even be available if being sued,
have judgments or may be sued in the future


* Markets, Product Branding and Traditional, Online and Web3 (NFTs, DAOs) Marketing for the Cannabis and Hemp Industry:

Learn how to avoid the industry race to the bottom. Read the article by Rich Rydstrom titled:

                            The Cannabis Industry Must Act to: Avoid the Race to the Bottom!™
                            July 28, 2022: Santa Ana First Cannabis Summit by Rich Rydstrom, Esq.

Congrats to the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce for its First Annual Cannabis Summit! Click here for Article: The Cannabis Industry Must Act to: Avoid the Race to the Bottom! Click for The Handout Article by Rich Rydstrom, and Click here for Cannabis Summit Agenda; Rich Rydstrom, Esq./Advisor (949) 678-2218

                            The 13 Secrets of the Rich or Informed - Learn The 13 Secrets of the Rich or Informed™ from the 33-Year Veteran California Attorney. Mr. Rydstrom wrote the 13 Secrets Cheat Sheet while working as a Celebrity Beverly Hills Business & Tax Manager. Protections of business and its owners are key, including HOW to legally pull-out monies and profits and LOCK-IT-AWAY for your retirement.

Cannabis Business Owners, If You Do Not Know How to Pull-Out & Lock-Away Wealth Legally, with a Safe Silo Device, You Remain a Sitting-Duck



* Warning: The California legal cannabis laws require highly specialized compliance in all aspects of owning or operating a cannabis business for the tenant as well as the landlord. In addition, Federal laws conflict with California laws on many issues, including the Federal Tax restrictions or preclusions on the deductibility of cost/expenses (IRC 280E). You must not only plan for this but you will need to structure your business, entities, business lines of business or activities, to optimize for tax efficiencies. This may require separate entities for separate legal purposes, and strict accounting systems requiring operational (real-time perpetual) efficiencies in addition to track and trace reporting systems. All income for all activities whether legal or illegal under IRC 61 are reportable income, however, the ordinary and necessary expenses offsetting such income under IRC 162, however, with a Cannabis tax return, pursuant to IRC 280E, are not permitted to deduct as IRC 162 expense items realized from illegal activities including Cannabis, as the Federal government unlike California, regard same as illegal as a controlled substance. General deductions are generally allowed for the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), but impeccable records must be kept, and restrictions apply. Some expenses usually for separated activities which are not considered illegal, for example education, caregiving or paraphernalia, or a separate operation for merchandise may be allowable, but not from the sales of cannabis.

* Even your need to lease or acquire a real estate location for the appropriate license(s), will require a specialized lease and or landlord declaration,  prior to making an application for licensure.

* Some of the preliminary concerns include:

1. What are the new proper entity structures available for Cannabis tenants;
2. What percentage ownership/control require licensure and Tenant/Landlord approval;
3. How can we deconflict California and Federal law, if at all;
4. How can we address Nuisance Breach/Defaults;
5. How can we address Illegal Unlawful Breach/Defaults;
6. How can we address Unlawful Use Breach/Defaults;
7. How can we address compliance with local & California law;
8. Should we, and to what extent, have a Tenant share in pass-thrus/CAM Charges;
9. Should Landlord share in profits of Tenant;
10. How much control may Landlord retain;
11. Should there be more than one licensee per parcel;
12. How far away must premises be from schools and parks;
13. Must premises be in an Industrial location;
14. Should Landlord retain or be granted access for repairs and inspections;
15. Should Landlord or Tenant agree to Work Lists or Build-outs;
16. Should Work Lists or Build-outs be conditioned on compliance with Use;
17. Should Tenant and Landlord certify compliance with Local and State Laws (conditional use
18. Should Landlord and Tenant agree to select law and facts including protections in bankruptcy;
19. Are there legal methods to protect wealth and retirement cash flow from the Cannabis


* Courtesy Articles from Superb Rated Attorney Rydstrom:

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Cannabis Business!
Where to Start?
The 8 Mandates to Consider Before You Sign Anything!
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Don’t Sign That Commercial Cannabis Lease
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The 13 Secrets of the Rich or Informed!™
The 6 Most Devastating Dangers Facing Today’s Business Owners!™
Articles: Owner Protections & Private Retirement Bank

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SOLUTIONS:  Rydstrom has developed several lawful solutions for deconfliction:

costsegimageSmartCannabisLease™ ( http://smartcannabislease.com ) which deconflicts federal and state law presumptive facts. Another is the TaxSmartBuildout™ (http://smartbuildout.com which integrates lines of business with IRC 1245/1250 tax smart construction property flowing into beneficial entity structures. Rydstrom says, after 33 years of business planning, litigation, tax, FASB and business markets experience, safe and lawful best practices and safe harbors are available to the multidisciplinary mindset, to the limit of law.


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Rich Rydstrom, Attorney/Business & Markets Advisor
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